4 good pieces of furniture that went boring

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Jak często można jeść ulubione danie zanim się znudzi? Raz w tygodniu? Trzy razy? Można i nawet codziennie, ale w pewnym momencie i tak człowiekowi poprostu zbrzydnie. Podobnie jest z meblami. Są takie modele i elementy wykończenia wnętrz, które wykorzystuje się częściej i chętniej niż inne. Nawet jeśli dobrze zaprojektowane i ładne, to nietety zdewaluowały się przez opatrzenie.

Oto top 4 najbardziej znielubionych.


How often you can eat your favorite food before getting sick of it? Once a week? Three times? Maybe even everyday but you will start to hate it eventually. The same happens sometimes with design. There are some good pieces of furniture and accesories you may see in modern interiors more often than the others. Sadly, that made them overrated, predectable and boring.

Let’s have a closer look at the four of my favorite-hated ones.


Eames eiffel chair. This model is dedicated for industrial, Scandinavian, eclectic, romantic, traditional and modern interiors. Offices, dining rooms, kitchens, restaurants as well as kids rooms. The damn chair is just everywhere.



White-black squared rugs. I have nothing against geometry (#TriangleLover) or black or white for that matter. But that kind of rug became a too easy way to bring strong texture and more definition to the room. It is so popular you see it in kitchens, under tables in a dining room, under sofas in a living room, also in bedrooms and even toilets.



Gray sofa. I thought „Fifty Shades of Gray” was a boring but surprisingly popular book about sex. I was wrong. It’s a whole new trend in interior designs too. Yet, the effect is the same: boring.



Metal chairs. How many metal chairs you need for an industrial-like touch in the kitchen? One. Just one. Not six, not twelve. Overmuch of them is just too glamorous to handle.






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