VIDEO: Dark romance

Today romanticism is not what it used to be originally. The period between the last years of the 18th century and about the middle of the 19th century was an age of great upheaval that has been expressed (among literature) in paintings. William Turner painted ruthless powers of nature, while Caspar David Friedrich focused on melancholy and isolation portraying human figures contemplating landscapes. Also orientalism and middle-east culture were in the picture. People of the period were intellectually and emotionally alive and, at the same time – spiritually opened.

Our times are not that fare different from the romantic period. Because of the globalisation and the internet communication is more efficient but the isolation is still a thing. So is a need for emotions. Pop-culture and advertising industry feed us daily with images of true love and fulfilment.

That is why creating sensual interior that keeps a dialogue with all of your senses seems much more natural than going for ascetic one. Choosing rich textures and defined colors create cosy space which will bring harmony to you spirit through taking care of all of you senses.





Ania Diduch



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