10 places for interior design lovers to visit this summer

Even though summertime is considered to be the dead season for art and interior design lovers, the world still has much to offer to those who don’t like to take a vacation from their passion. Let’s have a quick look at some of the not-so-popular but valuable places and exhibitions to visit during upcoming summer.

1. Ara Pacis Augustae in Rome


The Eternal City has so much to offer, that Ara Pacis probably won’t be your first choice. But it should be. This small (compared to other Romans monuments) marble altar is not only the manifestation of cesar’s August power but a piece of greatly preserved ancient art. Personally, I find its beauty comparable to the Pantheon’s. The biggest advantage of it is that all the sculpting details are visually achievable.

2. Mondrian and his studio in Tate Liverpool.


We all know Tate Modern is has a master in creating great, important exhibitions. But a life-size reconstruction of Mondrian’s Paris studio sounds to me like a good reason to betray it for once. The artist’s work space in Tate Liverpool allows visitors to inhabit not only Mondrian’s creative world but also a three-dimensional version of his colourful experiments in painting. Exhibition lasts till 5.10.2014.

3. Festiwal of Photography in Arles.


It is ok if you’re not contemporary photography fan and do not follow all the great names in the nowadays art. Buy a ticket anyway just to have an excuse to visit great interiors of abandoned churches and industrial spaces. Arles festival is famous for its great atmosphere, and believe me when I say, that the places of exhibitions share a big responsibility for that. And who knows: maybe it will inspire you to becoma a photolover as well?

4. Design Museum in Helsinki.


Finland’s Design Museum is one of the oldest of its kind in the world (although predated by London’s V&A). Till the 21st of September they are holding an exhibition of Ilmari Tapiovaara, who was a creator of the famous Mademoiselle chair and much more iconic models. Great occasion to see his drawings and furnitures from the era.

5. Neoplastic Room in Łódź


Władysław Strzemiński was one of the most important and revolutionary of Polish artists. Neoplastic Room is the focal point of the permanent exhibition of the Museum Sztuki in Łódź. Created in 1946 and newly renovated in 2013, today the Room still has the unique Strzemiński’s  artistic arrangement, corresponding with the works of Katarzyna Kobro, Theo van Doesburg, Georges Vantongerloo and Henryk Berlewi.

6. Red Dot Design Museum in Essen


Have you ever dreamed of seeing all of the Red Dot winners in one place and space? Sure, you did. It is easier than you think. Just book your flight to Essen to experience about 2,000 exhibits from roughly 45 nations. The highlights are for example Apple designs and Grohe designs, but you may as well find your own pearls within this vast ocean of design.

7. Bauhaus Dorms in Dessau


Everyone knows the School. But not all of you noticed that its dorms has been renovated, redecorated and now ready to host you and your friends. Visitors can stay in one of the 28 rooms in the Studio Building, which were once let to junior masters and promising students. That sounds like a promise of a great adventure to me.

8. Loos Bar in Viena


Adolf Loos was an ascetic radical but fortunately at the same time he was creating fascinating interiors, Bar America in Vienna being one of them. Opened in 1903 the space is so tiny it has only 3 tables but still gets packed full during the weekends. Great drinks, elegant atmosphere and last but not least – original decor. Those marble walls seen a thing or two, Loos himself included. Would they see you soon as well?

9. Gmach Towarzystwa Lekarskiego in Kraków


This house and interior of medical society has been created almost at the same time as Loos Bar. Author – Stanisław Wyspański – was a famous writer and a painter of the period of Młoda Polska (Young Poland). Wyspiański fully designed library, reading room and boardroom. Those three are a great example of sustainable and complex interior design and remains an icon of style for interior designers even today.

10. Ufficio Primo on Wspólna 62, Warsaw



This office was once a presidium of socialist government. The author – Marek Leykam – had a sense of humor (and bolls for that matter) to conform it to the buildings of Italian renaissance. It looks really majestic but what it really has to offer is the breathtaking interior newly renovated with marbles. Wouldn’t mind working on my blog there.






Ania Diduch


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