Cuddling XXL. Huge teddy bear in Rome.

A person who came up with a phrase “small is beautiful” was seriously wrong. Not only big is awesome but also enormously friendly. A huge (6 meters high and 200 kilos weigh) teddy bear designed by Iza Rutkowska from Fundacja Form i Kształtów in Warsaw is a living, and now also traveling, proof of that statement. Wherever he shows up, Mr. Bear calls in enthusiasm.

Last year he’s been visiting main squares and streets of Warsaw, but during this summer he’s traveling through Poland and Europe. First stop: Rome. Have a quick look at his dolce vita:

"I like to sunbathe"  © Przemek Dzienis

„I love sunbathing”
© Przemek Dzienis

"I'm ticklish"  © Przemek Dzienis

„I’m ticklish”
© Przemek Dzienis

"So this is the famous Roman Forum"  © Przemek Dzienis

„Im lost”
© Przemek Dzienis

By the end of the month Mr. Bear will visit Azores for Walk&Talk Festival. This art fair each year welcomes on São Miguel island dozens of creators from multiple geographies, quadrants and disciplines in order to bring the unique public art experience.

The teddy bear iself is a great example of sustainable, socially engaged and eco (he doesn’t eat, just absorbs energy from the cuddlers ;- )) design. Also, Mr. Bear triggers the good stuff, like warmth and friendliness by bringing back safe and happy childhood memories.

But most importantly he makes cuddling a community experience, joining people for a positive reason.

And in that I see true art.


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