Summer in the city

Everyone knows that spending summer in the city can be quite enjoyable. Outdoor parties, movies under the open sky, beach river clubs. Urban life has it all. While most of those attractions stay accessible during the weekends it is important to take it easy also during the rest of the week. Celebrating late afternoon hours or two with a book, favorite cake and a coffee is the most friendly budget summertime must have that exists. I like to read long novels during summer cause there’s a better chance I will have time to finish them without any interruptions. We all know how annoying it can be to get back to a book after a longer break and trying to remember what was happening earlier in the action. That is why I started reading „Miazga” by the well-known Polish writer Jerzy Andrzejewski. While the novel itself has a somewhat heavy atmosphere I decided to balance the mood by cheerful colors. Baby blue rug reminds me of a relaxing sea waves. Strong hues look better on sophisticated surfaces. Plus, I just love how the fabric strokes my feet. It also makes grey sofa less obvious. Not to mention that it creates charismatic graffic-like effect on the violet-ish wall, which is the background for the rest of the afternoon’ necessities. Heavy color on the wall ensures that the whole composition won’t become too sweet and naive. In contrast to that I used undefined and light coffee table to bring a pinch of a mystery to the interior. Transparent yellow jug remains visible and recalls the atmosphere of garden parties. During hot days you don’t need coffee to be hot and that is why the unconventional mug with an abstract decoration was an elegant element I couldn’t resist using. It allows to hold the ceramic in an intimate full-hand way. Shorts that I am wearing are the remainder of fading meadows outside the city. And the last but not least – all that wouldn’t be as enjoyable as it is without bitter-sweet cake with poppy seed and a boost of fluor color power on the outside.

[Duke Elington&John Coltrane „In a Sentimental Mood”:]
















From the left: jug – Tk Maxx; mug – eMWu Magda Wojciechowska via Product Placement; cake – A. Blikle; plate – Ania’s kitchen; coffee table – Zara Home; sofa – Red Black White; rug – Tk Maxx; shorts – H&M  new collection; t-shit – She’s a Riot; nails – Oksana Karpyn; walls – Jeger PO513 via Leroy Malerin; painting – Ania’s private collection.



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