Lala’s boudoir




I hope you are watching the last season of True Blood with your cheeks burning. There’s been lots of negative coments on how the show is ending but the fact still stands, that the series will remain phenomenon no matter how many main characters will die during upcomming episodes. Lafayette, a gay cook, ex drug dealer and a medium, was never my favorite but his apartment was and still is one of the most intriguing interiors that I’ve seen. The space looks just gorgeous, even though it is the negation of everything you see and read in nowadays interior design magazins. Warm, saturated colors, animal prints and table lamps create a strong frame. Everything else is unpredictable, chaotic and ready to be reinvented and rearranged by the owner. And that is how a place should be: a surprise and an adventure for the person that lives in it. The challenge to create an interior inspired by Lala’s salon was big but when I sat on the couch surrounded by panther’s pillows and poured some white cold wine into my glass, it felt almost like a real home. The main features here are the mixture of different types of prints and the light. They create an intimate and airless atmosphere emphasised by religious motives like a statue of Buddha and Madonna’s painting. To avoid heaviness the furniture I used is light and glassy so all the factors remain visible and enjoyable. I didn’t hesitate using a plastic garden chair as joke and transform it into a cosy armchair by using few pillows in intensive but cheerful colors. This pinch of oriental style fresher everything up. The sense of chaos reaches its a fever pitch when you lay your eyes on ethno-like towel I used as plaid on the sofa. Pillows on it corresponds with carpet which covers almost the whole floor inviting to school-free walks. My favorite element here is the lamp with glass crystals – little too trashy itself but here fits just perfectly. The crystals reflect on a mirror surface of the table creating hypnotizing effect without which the space wouldn’t be the same. And even if with wine, candles and narcotic light I would still be stressed, the rug voodoo doll from a shop with funny items will come in handy.















From the left: Pot and mug – Home&You; coffee table – Pt,; carpet – Home&You; painting – Ania’s private collection; violet pillow – Zara Home; panther pillow – Home&You, ethno plaid – Ania’s wardrobe; woo-doo doll – Pt,; table lamp – Leroy Malerin; gold table – Zara Home; tapicery on the sofa – Castorama.


From the left: violet pillow – Zara Home; blue pillow – H&M Home; chair – Ikea



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