No one’s home

Dishes washed, house cleaning done, dinner cooked and additionally there’s no one home? Sounds perfect! This stylisation has been dedicated to this special time when you have the whole place for your own and feel just casual. The combinations of green, beige and ocher is inspired by the early renaissance color palette seen for example in Arnolfini Portrait by Jan van Eyck. The main focus here is the heavy armchair with strongly defined, cold hue. Everything else is delicate with discreet patterns which works as counterweight. To make the chair less boring, I used wild and expressive zebra pillow. To cheer the whole composition up I picked brick-like plaid with colorful thread. They are corresponding with violet-ish filaments on the carpet.  Each texture is unique here, but they maintain to remain in harmony because of the same color temperature. Peaceful is the atmosphere that serves the casual reading the most. And nothing lifts up the casual reading to the higher level than Monitor Magazine. The issue covers stories on design, art and widely lifestyle. Everything here is tasteful and classy. Almost like the golden, orient-like coffee table. The mirror makes it less boring but also brings the responsibility. That is why you can’t put just any glass on it as the ordinariness will be doubled. Classically shaped French wine glasses charmed me by their baroque-like ornament with a shell. Light refreshing orange juice mixed with gas water (almost like champagne virgin 😉 ) went good with macarons. Sure they are cliché but they sure remain the most non-caloric, non-staining and no-crumb sweets ever maid. We wouldn’t like to stain the magazine or the favorite chair, now would we? And last but not least I guess I owe you and explanation about the cat. Well, the cat is like the essence of the eclectic atmosphere I was going for. Plus he’s a really the nice one, even though he tried to steal cookies when I wasn’t looking. Who knew that cats would buy macarons instead of Whiskas?










From the left: coffee table – Zara Home; glass – Home&Food; macarons – Sucre; painting – Ania’s private collection; carpet – TkMaxx; armchair – TkMaxx; blanket – Harmony Collection via TkMaxx; pillow – Home&You; cat – Muji; magazine – Monitor Magazine; tank top – COS; shorts – Pepe Jeans; nails – Oksana Karpyn; glasses – Etnia Barcelona.



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