Just another picnic session

It is the high season for picnics. Eating outdoors while sitting on a blanket is about fun and spending quality time with friends. But what if you are in the mood for a picnic and there’s no one to accompany you? That doesn’t seem to me like a problem. Especially, if bringing along some fun accessories like Hawaii beach umbrella. Its foil, unusual look is not only surprising but also will protect from the rain. There were two types: pink and green. I decided to go with the first one and use it as strong color booster. Green, soft blanket brings up homey atmosphere and fits well with wet grass. There was a strong storm the night before I was shooting the photos so the lawn looks really juicy. I love the fresh, moist air almost as much as I like to dress up and look fabulous for no reason. That is why a strong colorful make up and a dress with sequins is always a good idea, to me. Even at 9 in the morning. Each crazy lady before buying herself a cat, experiments with different types of animal prints. And that is exactly what I am trying to do, using them in almost any stylisation so far. Panther or leopard-like pillow was very soft and served its purpose as an exotic element along with the umbrella. I was also very pleased how well it went with delicate braided pillow in the color of sand. To avoid monotony I brought few colorful accessories like violet plate and yellow muffin container, and poured some multivitamin juice to a stylish bottle. But no picnic is complete without sausages. Or ketchup. Or mustard. Could not take them with me. The culmination of this banquet was rhubarb low fat and sugar pie. After eating all of those treats I felt so tired I took a nap. And when I woke up and looked up at pink blades cheerfully dancing on the wind, it felt almost like being on a real island.

















Blanket – Biederlack; leopard pillow – Baxter&Belle; second pillow – Home&Food; muffin container – Red Onion; bottle – Red Onion; plate – Ania’s kitchen; umbrela – Tiger; bag – Parfois (3 years ago);  rhubarb cake – Nenette; muffin – Costa Caffee; dress – Top Shop; coat – New Yorker; makeup – Ania; nails – Oksana Karpyn.



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